UBS: The highest salaries in the world? In Switzerland

In Switzerland there are the highest average salaries in the world: it is what emerges from the three-years study published by UBS which compared the salaries earned in more than 70 cities on the entire planet.
The Swiss workers, considered Geneva and Zurich, are undoubtedly the employees who evry month receive the highest salaries, even thanks to a very light taxe contribution system which makes their earning levels, as defined by the same prestigious Swiss bank group, as ” exceptionally high”.

The Prices and Earnings study published by UBS is drawn up every three years since 1970, and it is addressed both to business customers and to private clients with an international focus.

Based on a unique survey conducted in 73 cities worldwide, Prices and Earnings study is able to provide a full comparison between prices, income, taxes, working hours and holidays for different professional profiles in each of them.

Another evidence of the enormous purchasing power of Swiss people, which tady has beeen increasing again thanks to the very favourable change of Swiss Frank (CHF) on Euro and USD.

Source: UBS Wealth Management Research