Swiss tourism, all the numbers of a growing up market

Switzerland continues to be a reliable and particularly prosperous market, able to attract massive investment from abroad and which can boast traditionally low inflation that ensures stability in the purchasing power of Swiss citizens.

These data obviously reflect in the tourism market and the demand for travel and accommodation, which continues to be particularly high in Switzerland also thanks to the average income of about 54,000 CHF per year (35,000 Euro) granted to Swiss workers.
The indicators of the behavior of the Swiss tourists, according to a survey by the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland Travel Market), reveal that more than ever Switzerland belongs to the group of countries with high propensity to travel due to a particularly favorable economy (more than 700 million francs of expenditure for travel abroad).

Switzerland is the fourth world country in terms of gross domestic product per capita and the fifth strongest in purchasing power. The nominal gross domestic product per capita, which rises to $ 56,400, is 60% greater than the average of EU countries and 40% higher than the one of Germany and Austria.